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Africhem chemicals for pools and spas. Africhem chemicals are distributed by professional pool builders and poolshops in South Africa.

Try it once and you will prefer Africhem products forever!

Buy now from Swemgat Online and we deliver within days to any address in South Africa.



Africhem Oxidise 50% 5L

Delivery in Centurion only Minimum Order Quantity 5 units

R 440.00

Africhem stabilised Trichlor pills1,6kg

Africhem trichlor chlorine pills is the best way to ...

R 350.00

Africhem Aqua sheen flocculant Iron free flocculant 2kg

Africhem Aqua Sheen is a flocculant, thus a chemical used ...

R 75.00

Africhem PH Increase 2kg

This product is used to increase the ph in marble plaster ...

R 102.00

Africhem 125 TCCA 2.5kg

Africhem's 125 Stabilised Chlorine controls bacteria, ...

R 370.00

Africhem Chlorine protector 1kg

Africhem chlorine protector contains Isocyanuric Acid, a ...

R 150.00

Africhem Calcium Chloride 4kg

Africhem calcium chloride raises the hardness level in ...

R 210.00

Africhem 500g Chlorine Spa tablets

Africhem Spa chlorine tabs disolves over time in spa water ...

R 150.00

Africhem Disposable Multi Performer Floater

Floater Big 5 multi performer chemicals for the swimming ...

R 230.00

Alkalinity Up | Africhem Boost & Buffer 25kg

Pool chemical to increase the Total Alkalinity (TA) of ...

R 650.00

Africhem Boost & Buffer 2kg | Increase pH, Increase TA

Used to raise the Total Alkalinity levels of a swimming ...

R 65.00

Africhem/Pool Lab cell cleaner (for chlorinators) 1.5L

Use Africhem salt cell cleaner to clean your chlorinator's ...

R 153.00

Africhem Chlorine Granular 10kg

10kg Granular chlorine. Calcium hypochlorite Ca(OCl)2 for ...

R 760.00

Africhem Diatomaceous earth 1.75kg

Africhem Diatomaceous Earth is used as a filter medium in ...

R 162.00

Africhem Metal Remover

Africhem metal remover reduce iron and copper levels, and ...

R 220.00

Africhem Splash Pool Chlorine Floater

Africhem pool floater Chlorine floater for small pools up ...

R 120.00

Africhem Wonder Cube

In your swimming pool,Used as a water clarifier, pop the ...

R 73.00

Pool Chemical Dispenser Large

Pool Pill dispenser which floats around the pool on top of ...

R 50.00