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Water feature jets


Water features is a add-on that will make your pool experience much more pleasurable. The sound of water can reduce unwanted noise from traffic or could be added to create a tranquil admosphere around the pool or pond.


Laminar flow jet for use in swimming pools, ponds, water features and spas.
Stainless Steel Laminar flow jet

Film Nozzle in potWaterfall spout

A single Oase foam nozzle or
cluster of nozzles

Stainless Steel Foam jet nzzle Foam jet plastic waterfeature nozzle

Foam nozzle in swimming poolCluster of foam jet nozzlesFoam jet
Summer fountain


Summer fountain pot
Rotating nozzle

Mushroom nozzle


Lotus multi-jet nozzle

Lotus multi-jet nozzle

Lotus muti-jet fountain
Fan nozzle

Fan jet nozzle

Fan nozzle in damFan nozzle fountain

Single fountain nozzle

Single Foutain Nozzle in Brass

Fountain circleSingle jets in pondFountain nozzles

MagicStream jet for deck

Magic fountain in swimming pool
During daytime

Magic Stream of water in pool
MagisStream in Spa
At night

Item Code Description Price
J4000 Laminar flow jet 200mm Wide Stainless Steel Clickhere
J4001 Laminar flow jet 800mm Wide Stainless Steel Click here
J3999 Laminar flow jet 1000mm Wide Stainless Steel Click here
J4002 Laminar flow jet 1200mm Wide from R 6500.00
J4003 Single fountain nozzle 6mm (Brass / Plastic)
R 182.00 / 95.00
J4004 Single fountain nozzle 8mm (Brass / Plastic) R 195.00 / 122.00
J4005 Single fountain nozzle 10mm (Brass / Plastic) R 210.00 / 140.00
J4006 Foam jet - metal from R 2150.00
J4007 Foam jet - plastic R 259.00
J4014 Summer Fountain from R11900.00

Rotating nozzle

R 540.00

Fan Nozzle

R 1150.00
J4009 Mushroom nozzle - metal R 590.00
J4010 Mushroom nozzle - plastic R 189.00
J4012 Lotus multi-jet nozzle metal from R 1840.00
J4016 MagicStreamTM jet for deck from R 9800.00

Prices may change without notice.
Door-to-door delivery in South Africa: R65.00 to R350.00