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Track Belt set for MX6 and MX8 Zodiac Swimming Pool cleaner

The belt act as tyres on the MX8 and MX6 pool cleaner models. It goes on the wheels to enable maneuverability and improve grip on the walls.


This is a single track. You need to order 2 belts if both "tyres" are flat.


The threads wears down over time and needs replacement as soon as the MX8 start loosing grip on pool walls.

It is easy to replace the MX8 or MX6 belts, click here to see video


Questions & Answers:

  1. What is the life expectancy the pool cleaner belt tracks? Approximately 9 to 24 months depending on the roughness of the pool surface.

  2. Do the MX6 and MX8 pool cleaner use the same belts? Yes.


Exploded diagram of the MX8 pool cleaner:Baracuda-MX8-explosion-diagram


Exploded diagram of the MX6 pool cleaner:


MX6 Exploded Diagram